Quick Facts about

hydes Est.

hydes is a creative agency provides digital solutions for todays' and tomorrows' problems for customers all around the web. Since it's inception in 2009, the agency launched a number of websites, apps, softwares, social pages, and multimedia projects to fulfill the internet users needs. In 2016, the small agency starts to focus on totally new domains like the wearable technologies and the internet-of-thinks. Here are more interesting facts:

  • The name hydes stands for High Design Est.
  • In 2008, hydes starts developing it's first online project based on php+MySQL Before launching it in 2009.
  • hydes has been founded by 2 techies from a small apartments in the city of Kuching, East Malaysia.
  • Now, hydes has more than 20 employees from all over the globe.
  • One of the greatest strategies hydes follow is the teleworking environment. Accordingly, most of our meetings, brainstorming sessions, and discussions are conducted online.


Our History